Inductive Single Bar Quench & Temper Systems

The challenge in heat treatment of long products is to achieve low distortion and reproducible processes.

The complex interplay of the transport unit, induction heating and chilling sprinklers speaks for this one-stop solution.

The continuously changing requirements of the different areas of application always give us new guidelines for consistent optimisation of our systems.

Basic data

  • Heat treatment platform for a wide range of dimensions of solid material (bright steel, rolled steel) and tubes
  • Hardening, annealing, soaking and other heat treatment processes within a cycle
  • Continuous process monitoring and logging


  • Customized plant and process design
  • Excellent homogeneity for quality right down to the core
  • Reproducible processes ensure reproducible product quality
  • Energy-efficient production with low maintenance and servicing requirements
  • Various drive concepts for optimized adaptation to the product range
  • Comprehensive option catalogue for customized adaptation
  • Quick changeover and tooling
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