Frequency converters / generators

Transistorised high-frequency generator ITH

The high-frequency generator is built up in MosFet technology. It facilitates working frequencies of 100 to 1000 kHz, depending on the power at the inductor terminals. In case of tabletop units, this is 2 to 20 kW, while more powerful units up to several hundred kW can be manufactured in cabinet design.

Transistorised medium-frequency converter ITPA

The medium-frequency converter is equipped with the IGBT technology,which allows for working frequencies of 50 Hz to 100 kHz and up to several hundred megawatts. With a special synchronising unit, multiple converters can be operated at one load. Their power can be controlled individually independent from each other. Thus, different temperature zones can be realised on one workpiece.

Compact converter ITPC

The medium-frequency converter is built up with compact components in IGBT technology. Working frequencies of 6 to 100 kHz can be attained here with a power of up to 25 kW in a tabletop version and up to 50 kW in a cabinet version.

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