Chain hardening systems

The requirement for chains for lifting gears or for the mining industry is increasing continuously. Heat treatment helps make the chains more wear-resistant and more stable with the same cross-sections.

Hardening temperatures of up to 1,000°C, freely configurable annealing temperatures and the option of partial quenching offer the customer maximum flexibility with a single system.

The chains can thus be realised in a standard-conform design with homogeneous hardness over the entire cross-section as well as quenched partially with different hardnesses.

Basic data

  • Completed systems for chains of ø6 - ø48 mm
  • Hardening, annealing and partial annealing in one cycle
  • Continuous process monitoring


  • Homogeneous annealing through equalising section
  • User-friendly coil change by sliding
  • Monitoring and documentation of all relevant process parameters
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