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Trial and startup period of the latest single bar quench and temper line was completed successfully


ITG Induktionsanlagen GmbH finally completed a further challenging and important project successfully. A quench and temper line for controlled thermo-mechanical treatment of long products was already handed over to our customer Steeltec, one of the leading bright steel manufacturers and Member of the SCHMOLZ + BICKENBACH Group, in 2016. Steeltec’s new Xtreme Performance (XTP®) Technology had is first outing at the Wire® exhibition in Düsseldorf, Germany, in 2016. It allows the adjustment of customer-specific material properties by a combination of heat and force. Steeltec now completed the trial and startup period subsequent to the handover with the development of numerous application-specific materials.

The complexity of process and quality requirements was undoubtedly superior to the projects realized up to now. The equipment was challenging for ITG Induktionsanlagen GmbH because the general contractor’s own competence was required as well as third-party partners had to be integrated and merged. In this case the intensive interface management of the project team has paid off.

The line is equipped with in total six medium-frequency converters in IGBT-technology, assuring a complex process management. Additionally, multifunctional tool positions can be configured modularly with coils as well as quenches, cooling cassettes or isolating elements in order to enable customized material properties. Special emphasis was focused on quick changeover capabilities and flexibility to allow a production of small lots economically. “The possible combinations of tooling arrangements in the inlet and outlet temperature control area is a unique feature of the line”, says Michael Manthey, senior project manager at ITG.

In addition to the process plant, the scope of supply included the finishing line, cooling and filtration units as well as the air extraction and filtering system. Regarding energy efficiency, safety and immission the line complies with the latest state of the art. The transforming unit of our technology partner of course represents an essential component of the whole installation.

“By combining the rolling mill with multi-purpose tool positions and more than 25 separately controllable quenching and cooling circuits, we have developed a platform which allows our customer to perform all agreed processes”, Michael Manthey continues. “Beyond that, future processes and process improvements are implementable without fundamental retrofits”.

The project was characterized by a transparent and authentic cooperation with the project team of Steeltec. Due to the intensive cooperation of project leader Stefan vom Feld, technical manager on the one hand and Michael Manthey for ITG as the general contractor on the other hand, all project objectives could be achieved and sometimes even exceeded.


XTP® is a registered trademark of the Steeltec AG, CH-Emmenbrücke

Wire® is a registered trademark of the Messe Düsseldorf GmbH