Wire and

band heating systems

The production of conductors, brake pipes, high-voltage cables, bridge bracing wires, car spring wires, etc. requires continuous heating. If the work pieces are transported in the continuous process via up and down coilers in the process line, then induction heating can be integrated without any problems.

Manifold processes can be realised thanks to the easily adjustable process parameters of an induction system. Wires and bands are dried at lower temperatures. Wires and bands are coated or the raw material properties are set specifically at higher temperatures.

Skin layer heating or through heating of components can be realised depending on the requirement. Only little space is required for the heating thanks to the high energy density of an induction system.

Basic data

  • Sheets with a thickness of 0.8 mm and above
  • Wires with a diameter of 0.9 mm and above
  • Multiple parallel strands are possible


  • Short heating sections
  • Skin layer heating or through heating is possible
  • Speed-dependent power control is possible

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